The Title

It took me a while to settle on the name “Make Erik Read Again”. I at first was thinking a David Sedaris-esque title such as “I Read Good”, poking fun at my own supposed intellectualism, or maybe something called “Stay Off the Read”, a goofy pun referring to the amazing rants Stephen A. Smith performs regarding athletes and marijuana use (do yourself a favor and watch). Eventually though, I settled on this title, and while at first I landed here simply based off timeliness and humor, I think there is some actual value.

The word that sticks out here is again. By choosing this title, I am implying that there was a time when I was regularly reading. Is that true? Eh…sort of? I mean on and off throughout the years, but never for a sustained period of time (not unlike the greatness of my favorite country!).

Additionally, this project is a new years resolution of mine. I want to really take up reading in 2017, and I feel writing these short essays will help me truly process what I take in, while also motivating me to keep going. Now, just because I am saying this will happen, doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen. Honestly, I’d be surprised at myself if this kept going past February. I’d be pleasantly surprised, sure, but surprised. “Make Erik Read Again” is honestly a false promise, as I never really read and I will likely not keep this going, but we’ll roll with it. At least it’s something different!

Why is Erik attempting another weird internet project?

Reading and writing are two things I love doing (thanks to great high school and college English teachers) , but usually have to force myself to do. Thus, this will give me an outlet to do just that! These won’t be reviews, per say, but more just responses that are no longer than a few hundred words. 

Reading is an amazing thing to do because you can truly immerse yourself in a subject or story. Unlike a movie or tv show or even a video game, it requires your full attention. While I may try, you can’t play on your phone and simultaneously read a book. You have to give it your all, or you’ll get nothing out of it. It’s a long task, and whenever I reach page 100 and eventually finish a book, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I obviously love movies and TV, definitely more than books (so much that the majority of things I read regard movies and TV), there is a certain old fashion style to reading that is unmatched by other media. Getting through a book requires discipline and hard work, so when reading you are not only gaining knowledge of the content, but you’re forming a behavioral pattern that suits you well in life. I get so easily distracted when doing work, as there’s always a website I can be on or a meme to look at, but when I’m reading, everything washes away.

This year in 2017, when I’m likely going to be as busy and distracted as I have ever been, I hope I can find some time regularly to sit down, and really engage my brain with a specific topic or story. It’ll likely just be  little bits at a time, but eventually these little bits will come together, and by the time it’s 2018, I’ll be much more informed than the shmoe writing this essay on New Years.


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